jars céramistes

We like nature for its simplicity, its continuing renewed source of inspiration. This is why, in a small way but with conviction, we commit in all our work areas to choices that care for the environment. From its roots in horticultural pottery through to today’s much sought-after contemporary tableware collections in glazed stoneware, Jars’ history spans more than a 150 years… Since it was founded by Pierre Jars, the traditional craft of potters’ skills passed down the generations still lives on today with the related making secrets of their forebears being closely guarded. This rich skills resource has earned Jars EPV status (Entreprise Francaise du Patrimoine Vivant (French Companies of Living Heritage). An inspired and vibrant creativity: Full of ingenuity. That combines imagination and elegance, that reuses, reinvents, experiments, that leaves things to chance, to trial and error.