My name is Thuy and I was born in Vietnam. I’ve spent most of my life in the Netherlands where I developed my passion for interior décor and product design fueled by my background in textiles. In August 2013, I made a decisive move: I started my own company. By investing in people who share my heritage and introducing their work in an urban context, I became a bridge between my eastern roots and my western lifestyle through the founding of Colibries.

While traveling through the villages of Vietnam, I was introduced to traditional basket weaving artisans. Impressed by the intricate and practical design of their work and the timelessness embedded within their traditional craft, I felt I had found what I had been looking for…but the purpose of my trip was not fulfilled. There was something more about these people and their work and my connection to this heritage—a dying heritage. This was not where I wanted the story to end.

And so, Colibries was born from my desire to share these handicrafts in an ethical and sustainable way. As a company, we are committed to professional transparency, ethical sourcing and production, and quality products. By „quality“ we mean durability, a modern design, and the possibility for a broad range of uses.

Colibries has invested in the people and traditions of Vietnam, and we aim to broaden our practice of ethical production. Currently, we fuse heritage and recycled material to produce both a line of woven baskets for storage in family spaces and functional handbags for parents on the move. We have designed our product with environmentally conscious parents in mind.

Each of our products has a unique trademark stamp so that you can be assured that the product you own is an original Colibries item sourced and produced in accordance with our business philosophy and high production standards.

Our products have a background rooted in tradition and bursting with innovation, and I hope that their story of surviving heritage and unique European designs will continue to be shared. I invite you to be a proud owner of a genuine Colibries product and to be a part of this woven tradition.

Vierling Heidelberg präsentiert colibries
Vierling Heidelberg präsentiert colibries
Vierling Heidelberg präsentiert colibries